The Fourth Tower of Inverness continues… Week 6

Jack Flan­ders final­ly enters the Fourth Tower!

TODAY on Vir­tu­al Com­mu­ni­ty Radio — Fri­day, Octo­ber 29th.
The Fourth Tow­er of Inver­ness  con­tin­ues with Week 6 of this excit­ing mys­tery adventure.
Airs just after the hour at Noon and 4pm SLT/Pacific Time / 8pm and mid­night in the UK.

The 4pm broad­cast will be brack­et­ed with live pro­gram­ming from Cale­do­nia Sky­tow­er to accom­pa­ny Live Trick Or Treat at Haunt­ed Hollow.

The Fourth Tow­er of Inver­ness is a 1972 radio dra­ma, pro­duced by the ZBS Foun­da­tion. It is the first of the Jack Flan­ders adven­ture series, and com­bines ele­ments of Amer­i­cana and Old-time radio, with meta­phys­i­cal con­cepts such as past life regres­sion, Sufi wis­dom, Tibetan Bud­dhism and shaman­is­tic com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the nat­ur­al world.