About Us

Vir­tu­al Com­mu­ni­ty Radio is about Vir­tu­al Com­mu­ni­ties – groups of peo­ple with com­mon inter­ests in vir­tu­al worlds like Sec­ond Life® – and about Com­mu­ni­ty Radio – talk­ing to peo­ple in those groups and pro­vid­ing enter­tain­ment and infor­ma­tion they enjoy. In addi­tion to being aimed at lis­ten­ers in vir­tu­al worlds, it’s also for lis­ten­ers on the wider Internet.

VCR has one pri­ma­ry broad­cast­ing stream run­ning 24/7, with an addi­tion­al stream for occa­sion­al spe­cial events pre­sent­ing pub­lic domain mate­r­i­al. The main stream is host­ed by Live365 and is licensed for lis­ten­ers in the US, Cana­da and the UK and asso­ci­at­ed ter­ri­to­ries. Its day-to-day pro­gram­ming con­sists pri­mar­i­ly of Light Clas­si­cal music, plus a lit­tle care­ful­ly-select­ed Clas­si­cal, Baroque, Ear­ly Music, Sound­tracks and Lounge/Easy Lis­ten­ing. In addi­tion, spe­cial pro­gram­ming days explore a wide selec­tion of music gen­res on a rotat­ing basis, with an expand­ing pro­gramme of addi­tion­al con­tent. Tune in to the main stream at http://main.vcradio.org. You can use this URL for lis­ten­ing in your brows­er (if sup­port­ed), using a net play­er like VLC or WinAmp, or plug­ging into your vir­tu­al world land par­cel so that vis­i­tors can hear it.

The sta­tion has a par­tic­u­lar inter­est in spo­ken word pre­sen­ta­tions — live and record­ed read­ings, radio dra­ma and oth­er sim­i­lar mate­r­i­al — and we’ll be work­ing with our friends at organ­i­sa­tions like the Sean­chai Library, Engines Of Our Inge­nu­ity and ZBS Media to bring you unique, qual­i­ty con­tent in this area. If you have spo­ken word pro­gram­ming that you think might be of inter­est, please get in touch.

In addi­tion to this web site, we have a Face­book Page at https://www.facebook.com/virtualcommunityradio

Vir­tu­al Com­mu­ni­ty Radio (VCR) was found­ed in Jan­u­ary 2021 by Richard Elen, also known in Sec­ond Life and else­where as DJ and pre­sen­ter Elrik Mer­lin. He’s prob­a­bly best-known both as a TV pre­sen­ter on the pop­u­lar web TV show Design­ing Worlds and as a reg­u­lar presenter/DJ on Radio Riel for over a dozen years until he left in late 2020 to start VCR.

VCR is sup­port­ed by lis­ten­ers and spon­sors, and if you would like to join their num­ber, do check out the Spon­sor­ship page. Spon­sors get a pan­el on a rotat­ing home page slideshow, reg­u­lar thanks on-air, and a link to their web site or in-world location.