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Folk Music from the UK

Today we present a pro­gramme of folk music from the UK (well near­ly — there are a cou­ple of North Amer­i­can artists in there if truth be told), cov­er­ing the last 50 years or so.

This time we are also fea­tur­ing a clas­sic album from 1979, The Pea­cock Par­ty, by vir­tu­oso gui­tarist Gor­don Giltrap. Amongst a tal­ent­ed group of musi­cians, it fea­tures Gryphon’s Richard Har­vey on recorders and crumhorn. The tunes are inspired by char­ac­ters from the book The Pea­cock Par­ty writ­ten by George E Ryder and illus­trat­ed by Alan Aldridge — a sequel to the some­what bet­ter known The But­ter­fly Ball and the Grasshop­per’s Feast.