Programme Files

Most of our pro­gram­ming includes music: not only com­mer­cial tracks we play as part of our music pro­gram­ming, but also theme and inci­den­tal music is includ­ed in our orig­i­nal series: the lat­ter is gen­er­al­ly sourced from pro­duc­tion music libraries like KPM and Audio Net­work (we rec­om­mend them both, incidentally).

Our broad­cast­ing of music on our reg­u­lar stream is cov­ered by our licences pro­vid­ed by our stream­ing host provider, Live365. When our pro­grammes appear on Mix­cloud, they too are cov­ered by Mix­cloud’s licens­ing. Oth­er usages are not cov­ered. As a result, we can’t make the pro­grammes avail­able for down­load in their orig­i­nal form.

Because we’ve been asked to make some of our orig­i­nal pro­grammes avail­able, where pos­si­ble we’ve cre­at­ed spe­cial ver­sions of some of the episodes that don’t include copy­right music. They are avail­able on this page for access.

We are very grate­ful to the sub­jects of shows for their inter­est and will­ing­ness to share these episodes with a broad­er audi­ence. If you’re the sub­ject of a show and you would like to see “your” show on this page, then email us at info [at] Note that it will not always be pos­si­ble to add a show to this page for tech­ni­cal or oth­er rea­sons. Some shows — notably “Where Have You Been?” — may dis­cuss places or events that no longer exist.

You can lis­ten to the show by press­ing the Play but­ton in the embed­ded play­er, or down­load the file by right-click­ing on its title.

Where Have You Been?

The fol­low­ing shows are cur­rent­ly available:

WYB S03E12: Lynchland

The show notes for WYB S03E12


WYB S03E16: Bel­lis­se­ria Bureau of Bureaucracy

The show notes for WYB S03E16