Hits In Hi-Fi

Today — Sat­ur­day 28th Octo­ber — we’ll take a nos­tal­gic jour­ney back to the 1960s and beyond, when music was on vinyl and home stereo was new and excit­ing­ly futur­is­tic… with Hits In Hi-Fi.

In the ear­ly days of stereo, a sig­nif­i­cant num­ber of albums were released that were designed espe­cial­ly to show off the won­ders of this new way of pre­sent­ing musi­cal enter­tain­ment. Sounds “ping-ponged” across the stereo sound­stage; instru­ments appeared hard on one side and then hard on the oth­er… and there were a lot of space ref­er­ences, bloops and bleeps start­ing and end­ing the pieces — and once the Moog Syn­the­sis­er became avail­able, that was includ­ed in the mix too.

A selec­tion of these albums forms the core of our music today. Often the tracks con­sist of instru­men­tal arrange­ments of pop­u­lar songs, but there are also plen­ty of orig­i­nal tunes too.

Then tune in at noon or 4pm Pacific/SLT for the lat­est episode of “Where Have You Been?” — our orig­i­nal series where we find new places to vis­it and things to do around the Sec­ond Life Grid. This time, we approach the month of Octo­ber in two dif­fer­ent ways: The Bri­ar Woods present a pleas­ant Autum­nal scene, while the Ride of Doom lends a Hallowe’en-ish feel­ing to the pro­ceed­ings. Both are well worth a visit!

We also sug­gest a cou­ple of oth­er venues that might be worth your perusal. Check this page for more details.

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