The Magic of The Musical: “Three by Lerner & Loewe”

THE MAGIC OF THE MUSICAL — Orig­i­nal­ly broad­cast Sat­ur­day, Sep­tem­ber 16th 2023. This Month: “Three by Lern­er & Loewe”


For this mon­th’s episode we return to the Gold Hall at the ele­gant Angel Manor Estate. Join our live audi­ence in Sec­ond Life or on-the-air!

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This Month: Three by Lern­er & Loewe

They were an unlike­ly pair. But some­how Alan J. Lern­er and Fred­er­ick Loewe clicked in a man­ner that sparked cre­ative mag­ic for the musi­cal stage. It was not easy, by any means, and their relent­less roman­ti­cism is some­times a chal­lenge for con­tem­po­rary pro­duc­tions.  And some­times, it leads to inno­v­a­tive approach­es and mean­ing­ful insights.

Today we’ll focus on three of their pop­u­lar works. Which three will it be? … Brigadoon, Paint Your Wag­on, Gigi, My Fair Lady, Camelot?  join Cale in the Gold Hall at Angel Manor, or live on-the-air and find out!

The Mag­ic of The Musi­cal explores the blend­ing of music and dra­ma — fea­tur­ing the songs, his­to­ry, and lore that make up the musi­cal the­ater canon. Learn more about some of your favorite shows and com­posers as we cue the orches­tra, and the over­ture begins.


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Major Shows by Alan J. Lern­er & Fred­er­ick Loewe:


** From Lern­er & Loewe’s sound­track for the film of “The Lit­tle Prince”

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