Tarot @ Teatime Episode 38: The Haughty Swords

Tune in for the lat­est episode of our orig­i­nal series, “Tarot @ Teatime” as we dis­cuss the suit of Swords.

When Pamela Cole­man Smith designed the cards we now know as the Rid­er-Waite-Smith deck, she was influ­enced by an ear­ly pack, the Sola Bus­ca, that she saw pic­tures of in the British Muse­um. This influ­ence is par­tic­u­lar­ly notice­able in the suit of Swords.

How­ev­er the result of this influ­ence is that the imagery of the Sword cards in RWS and lat­er RWS-derived decks can be found a lit­tle mis­lead­ing to the reader.

In Episode 38 we work through the cards, dis­cussing their imagery and how they may be read in a way that is true to their char­ac­ter, focus­ing on words and communication.

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