Tarot @ Teatime — Episode 36: Binary Readings

Nor­mal­ly we would sug­gest that read­ers use at least a 3‑card spread with their quer­ents, as these can give a sur­pris­ing amount of information.

How­ev­er there are times and cir­cum­stances where a quer­ent or a read­er needs a quick yes/no answer.

These “bina­ry” read­ings can be car­ried out with one or two cards, or you can start with one or two and expand the read­ing with an added com­bi­na­tion to give more detail.

We look at meth­ods of car­ry­ing out bina­ry and com­bi­na­tion read­ings, and pro­vide examples.

The episode goes out on Thurs­days and Sun­days at 12 noon and 4pm Pacific/SLT.

My Tarot Decks” by imeleven is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.