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We’ve uploaded two more pro­grammes to our “Lis­ten Again” facil­i­ty on Mix­cloud: Tarot @ Teatime Episode 33, on the Occult Tarot; and Where Have You Been? Series 2, Episode 11: The Pil­grim­age.

Tarot @ Teatime Episode 33: The Occult Tarot

As far as we know, Tarot cards were not used for div­ina­tion until the late 18th cen­tu­ry. French occultists drew togeth­er the threads of secret knowl­edge that formed the West­ern Mys­tery Tra­di­tion. We look at that tra­di­tion and exam­ine how occultists in France and Britain linked it to the Tarot, for­ev­er chang­ing the appear­ance of the cards and the ways in which they are read.

Where Have You Been? Episode S02E11: The Pilgrimage

In this episode of “Where Have You Been?”, we take you on a clas­sic pil­grim­age: The Camino de San­ti­a­go — a trib­ute expe­ri­ence cre­at­ed in Sec­ond Life by Vik­tor Sav­ior and Orpheus Paxlapis around Brazil­ian author Paulo Coelho’s 1987 book, “The Pilgrimage.”

The Pil­grim­age at Unit­ed Artists of Sec­ond Life: an art instal­la­tion cre­at­ed by Vik­tor Sav­ior and Orpheus Paxlapis; Region: Kar­pov (Mod­er­ate)


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