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We’ve uploaded two more pro­grammes to our “Lis­ten Again” facil­i­ty on Mix­cloud: Tarot @ Teatime Episode 29, on 1, 2 and 3‑card read­ings; and Where Have You Been? Series 2, Episode 7: The Ribong Gallery Art­space.

Tarot @ Teatime Episode 29

Wil­low is tak­ing a break from the show, so Hon­ey is joined by Elrik Mer­lin as co-pre­sen­ter. In this episode, they dis­cuss the use of 1, 2 and 3‑card read­ings — and why and when you’d choose one of these over the larg­er spreads. These are rel­a­tive­ly sim­ple spreads — but you don’t always need a grand tableau or even a 9‑card spread every time you read. And a 3‑card spread can pack a lot of infor­ma­tion into just those three cards. They also touch on Tarot Year and Birth cards.

Where Have You Been? Episode S02E7: The Ribong Gallery Artspace

Not­ed artist Haveit Neox has a new exhi­bi­tion, along with oth­er artists. His instal­la­tion “Gold­en Light” is one of four cur­rent­ly on dis­play at Ribong Gallery. This gallery is owned and curat­ed by San­toshi­ma Res­i­dent, who is an artist and design­er in their own right. San gives each fea­tured artist air space to present their work. There are also instal­la­tions by oth­er artists. Note that this episode cov­ers instal­la­tions that may not be long term or permanent.

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