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We’ve uploaded two more pro­grammes to our “Lis­ten Again” facil­i­ty on Mix­cloud: Tarot @ Teatime Episode 27, on Car­toman­cy; and Where Have You Been? Series 2, Episode 5: The Decks.

Tarot @ Teatime Episode 27: Car­toman­cy — In Episode 27, Hon­ey and Wil­low dis­cuss a few oth­er meth­ods of car­toman­cy — div­ina­tion by cards — such as Ora­cle and Lenor­mand cards, and in addi­tion to using them on their own, give some guid­ance for using these oth­er types of cards along­side your Tarot cards in a reading.

Where Have You Been? Episode S02E5: The Decks — This is the 5th episode of the sec­ond series of our orig­i­nal series on things to do and places to vis­it across the Sec­ond Life Grid. Have you ever want­ed to just get away from the famil­iar for a lit­tle while? Some­times you just want to get out and see some­thing new or dif­fer­ent. This time, we are vis­it­ing a small venue on the edge of a con­ti­nent that is just per­fect for that sort of thing: The Decks, owned by Jack Vincent.

The Decks
Region: Hilling (Mod­er­ate)


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