Tarot @ Teatime Episode 24: Completing the Major Arcana

Thurs­day, Jan­u­ary 20th, and we’re pleased to release the lat­est episode of our pop­u­lar orig­i­nal series on the Tarot: “Tarot @ Teatime”, on the air Thurs­days and Sun­days at noon and 4pm Pacif­ic Time/SLT, 8pm and mid­night in the UK.

In Episode 24, Hon­ey and Wil­low com­plete their jour­ney through the Major Arcana with a dis­cus­sion of cards XVII — The Star, XVIII — The Moon, XIX — The Sun, XX- Judge­ment, and XXI — The World. A sam­ple read­ing is also presented.


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