New shows on Mixcloud

We’ve uploaded two more shows to our “Lis­ten Again” facil­i­ty on Mixcloud:

A spe­cial pre­sen­ta­tion of Charles Dick­ens’ clas­sic sto­ry, “A Christ­mas Car­ol” — the time­less tale of one man’s jour­ney from miser­ly indif­fer­ence to redemption.

Through the inter­ces­sion of the ghost of his sev­en-years-dead part­ner, Ebenez­er Scrooge jour­neys through time — and Christ­mas — with three Spir­its; observ­ing the caus­es, and effects, that his life choic­es have made — and will make, unless he changes his ways.

The sto­ry was adapt­ed for radio by Cale­do­nia Sky­tow­er, based on the spe­cial abridged ver­sion that Dick­ens him­self used for his pub­lic per­for­mances of the work. Our pre­sen­ta­tion of “A Christ­mas Car­ol” is per­formed by Shan­don Lor­ing, Elrik Mer­lin, and Cale­do­nia Sky­tow­er with music by Paul Mot­tram. The pro­gramme is a CEH production.

Tarot @ Teatime” Episode 21: In this Episode Hon­ey and Wil­low dis­cuss some of the plants that are part of the imagery of the Rid­er Waite Smith Tarot deck, and explore their sym­bol­ic mean­ing and how they enhance the cards on which they appear.

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