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The Edge Gallery — in black & white

Kul­ti­vate Mag­a­zine is a pub­li­ca­tion about the cul­tur­al aspects of Sec­ond Life — and a lot more! Its goal is to sup­port art, cul­ture, pho­tog­ra­phy, music, and fashion.

Kultivate’s endeav­ours in Sec­ond Life include the mag­a­zine (of course) but their grid pres­ence is sig­nif­i­cant, incor­po­rat­ing, among oth­er things, a num­ber of gal­leries includ­ing The Edge Gallery of Black & White Imagery, which is the sub­ject of this programme.

The Edge Gallery specif­i­cal­ly fea­tures black and white imagery and art. We take a more detailed look at the cur­rent exhib­it, which just opened, show­ing a vari­ety of artists with unique approach­es to mono­chrome 2‑D imagery.

S03E05 — The Edge Gallery
Own­er — Kul­ti­vate Magazine
Johannes Hunts­man — Own­er & Gallery Curator

Kul­ti­vate Mag­a­zine on Water Haven — Moderate

Web­site: https://kultivatemagazine.com/

Kul­ti­vate Mag­a­zine main­tains a fleet of social media pres­ences. For the best sum­ma­ry and links, vis­it their website.

We are pleased to num­ber Kul­ti­vate Mag­a­zine among our spon­sors. Why not join them?

Where Have You Been? — A New Season

We’re pleased to announce the start of the third series of our orig­i­nal pro­gramme, “Where Have You Been?”, where we dis­cuss places to vis­it and things to do around the Sec­ond Life grid — and we try to ensure they’re usu­al­ly things and places that the major com­men­ta­tors miss.

WYB” airs every Wednes­day and Sat­ur­day at 12 noon and 4pm Pacif­ic / SLT, and each episode is broad­cast over a cou­ple of weeks. And don’t miss “Engines of Our Inge­nu­ity” from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hous­ton, every four hours from 4am Pacific.

Our des­ti­na­tions gen­er­al­ly fall into one of three cat­e­gories: Art, Explo­ration and Events. In the first episode of the new sea­son, it’s the first of those, as we take a trip over to GBTH, aka “Grab By The Horns”  — a vir­tu­al visu­al arts incu­ba­tor in Sec­ond Life, found­ed in Octo­ber 2017 by Mari­na Münter. 

“Where Have You Been?” Live from SL19B

Today, Sat­ur­day 25th June, at 2pm Pacific/SLT, that’s 10pm in the UK, we are broad­cast­ing a spe­cial LIVE edi­tion of our orig­i­nal series, “Where Have You Been?”, where we talk about things to do and places to see around the Sec­ond Life Grid. We’ll be broad­cast­ing live from the VCRa­dio Tow­er at the Sec­ond Life 19th Birth­day Com­mu­ni­ty Cel­e­bra­tions, and we’ll be giv­ing our picks from SL19B and sug­gest­ing a selec­tion of loca­tions around the SLB regions that you might enjoy vis­it­ing. We wel­come you to come along and join the stu­dio audi­ence for this spe­cial live show. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SLB%20Imagination/110/188/24

Our Fea­tured Music today is relax­ing, tune­ful and large­ly instru­men­tal Smooth Jazz.


Because we’re run­ning this spe­cial live edi­tion, we won’t be broad­cast­ing “Where Have You Been?” at the usu­al times today. How­ev­er we will be repeat­ing this live edi­tion in the reg­u­lar time slots on the 29th and July 2nd.