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Tarot @ Teatime — Episode 32: Tarot de Marseille

While the Rid­er-Waite-Smith deck is the most pop­u­lar today, there is an old­er style of deck that orig­i­nat­ed in Renais­sance Italy. It was lat­er brought to France and is known as the “Tarot de Mar­seille” or “TdM.” Its imagery and inter­pre­ta­tion dif­fer sig­nif­i­cant­ly from mod­ern decks.

Episode 32 pre­mieres on Thurs­day May 12th at 12 noon and 4pm /SLT Pacif­ic Time (8pm and mid­night in the UK) and is repeat­ed at the same times on Sun­days and Thurs­days up to and includ­ing May 22nd.

Image: the Con­ver-Ben-Doav (CBD) Tarot de Mar­seille deck: one of the most pop­u­lar in this style.