A Victorian Miscellany At Christmas

Join us today, Wednes­day 14th Decem­ber, for a day of music from the Vic­to­ri­an era (and some­times a lit­tle beyond). The pro­gramme will include pop­u­lar songs and bal­lads famil­iar to those of us who fre­quent the music-halls, and the occa­sion­al sea­son­al performance.

In addi­tion we shall be enjoy­ing some of the mar­vel­lous musi­cal con­fec­tions of Sir Arthur Sul­li­van and Mr Lionel Mon­ck­ton; and, from time to time, we shall regale you with the sounds of the lat­est in Mechan­i­cal Instru­men­ta­tion, includ­ing the famous Carousel Steam-Organ. We will also hear some music from the Band-stand at the Gar­dens of the Crys­tal Palace, Sydenham.

In addi­tion, do lis­ten-in to “Where Have You Been?” at 12 noon and 4pm Pacific/SLT, and “Engines of Our Inge­nu­ity” every four hours from 4am.

We guar­an­tee that a most enjoy­able time is to be had by all.

You may also be pleased to know that music from this sta­tion can be tuned into if you are vis­it­ing our friends at The Dick­ens Project. Sim­ply turn on your View­er’s music to lis­ten any­where on the two Project regions. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Dickens%20Project/129/128/1401