Water Music

Today’s Fea­tured Music theme is ‘Water’ and the selec­tions are extra­or­di­nar­i­ly diverse, from tra­di­tion­al and mod­ern songs of the sea, of ships, and of those who sail in them; to pieces writ­ten to evoke rivers and lakes; to items where the water is only imag­i­nary, such as a series of com­po­si­tions about a voy­age to the Moon in a sail­ing ship, and Karl Jenk­in­s’s Imag­ined Oceans. The styles are equal­ly eclec­tic, rang­ing from folk to light to clas­si­cal and New Age music, and there’s even a bit of con­tem­po­rary pop­u­lar material.

And at 12 noon and 4pm Pacif­ic Time/SLT, tune in for a new episode of “Where Have You Been?”, where this time we take you on a clas­sic pil­grim­age: The Camino de San­ti­a­go — a trib­ute expe­ri­ence cre­at­ed by Vik­tor Sav­ior and Orpheus Paxlapis around Brazil­ian author  Paulo Coelho’s 1987 book,  “The Pil­grim­age.” Note that this exhi­bi­tion opens on May 2

The Pil­grim­age at Unit­ed Artists of Sec­ond Life: an art instal­la­tion cre­at­ed by Vik­tor Sav­ior and Orpheus Paxlapis; Region: Kar­pov (Mod­er­ate)
SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Karpov/132/133/2802

And lis­ten out for “Engines of Our Inge­nu­ity”, every 4 hours from 4am Pacific.

Some orig­i­nal and peri­od record­ings may con­tain neg­a­tive stereo­types or lan­guage now regard­ed as offen­sive. Such mate­ri­als should be seen in the con­text of the peri­od they were writ­ten and as a reflec­tion of atti­tudes of the time. The record­ings are part of the his­tor­i­cal record, and do not rep­re­sent the views of Vir­tu­al Com­mu­ni­ty Radio.