“Tarot @ Teatime” — LIVE!

Today, Sun­day 10th April, join Hon­ey Heart and Elrik Mer­lin, the hosts of our orig­i­nal series, “Tarot@Teatime”, for a live pre­sen­ta­tion at the pop­u­lar Pagan­Fest fes­ti­val at Coven­stead in Sec­ond Life. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Covenstead/162/161/1471

The pre­sen­ta­tion starts at 1pm SLT/9pm in the UK and focus­es on “lay­er­ing” in Tarot read­ing — enhanc­ing your Tarot read­ing skills by using addi­tion­al decks in par­al­lel with your main one.

Whether you’re a pro­fes­sion­al Taro­mancer or just start­ing out, you should find this pre­sen­ta­tion of interest.

And don’t miss your last chance to hear the cur­rent edi­tion of “Tarot @ Teatime” at 12 noon or 4pm SLT.  In episode 29, Hon­ey and Elrik dis­cuss the use of 1, 2 and 3‑card read­ings — and why and when you’d choose one of these over the larg­er spreads. These are rel­a­tive­ly sim­ple spreads — but you don’t always need a grand tableau or even a 9‑card spread every time you read. And a 3‑card spread can pack a lot of infor­ma­tion into just those three cards. They also touch on Tarot Year and Birth cards.